"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



A giant mouse has invaded my house

His eyelashes are pale+his breath reeks of

craft ale   His favourite disc is War On Drugs

It’s trippy chords make him long for more  & reflect

upon days in the fire-tower in Quetico


You see he travelled near+far to find my door ajar  &

crept in  ragged bandana  +all    I don’t know whether

to ice him or marry him  or send him out for taxidermy

But I do know that come Spring he will pack his gear  &

hightail it outta here for greener pastures +a plump Minnie


She who will listen to his mousey-lore especially re: the goals

he’s scored  (five hole baby!)   so much better than  me


rat on


(how ’bout that top shelf wrister!)




Winter  2015  ..hanging on by a thread..

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