"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



He is black  a 4th brother  If he were a

Beatle he’d be the 5th   Afro in pom poms

27 inches at the withers  Smart as a whip (don’t ask)

Came from Buffalo on a crisp Spring day  & stayed

for more than a decade


A good listener  cool calm +collected friend   mean

tobogganer  same hiding spot for 13 years!  Blackie Was

Here  graffiti  all over the hood


Here lies Blackie Blacksonavitch  covered in brother’s

barfy blanket   Making his way to canine heaven  trailing

dog-shaped clouds   Later baked him into holy wafers  a

sacrament given at the side-door   Father placed one under

each child’s tongue  early one morning before Milkman’s run


balck poodle



Winter  2015    RIP   Blacksonavitch & Lee

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