"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today is the anniversary of John Keats’

death  in Rome at 25  Shelley alive until 29

died at Sardinia  drowned in a stormy sea

His elegy for Keats  Adonias  remains the

great lyric treatise of the Romantics


Lord Byron too died on a far shore  Greece

at 36  from a cold +violent fever  The last of

the great Romantics   She walks in beauty

like the night of cloudless climes +starry skies


A far cry from the: New Romantics  A group of

brits  ex-patriots  who walk  in darkness   The latest

recruits of ISIS   3 teenage girls 15-17  heading for

Istanbul  Soon to be the wives of jihadis   My little

sister is an A student   To convince such young girls

who are vulnerable  is really evil


Romantic notions of becoming jihadi-brides   shattered

along old spice-routes  leading to lives of servitude  rape

+martyrdom   Look at the girls in sneakers & colourful

clothes smiling as each walks alone  through security at



On their way to Turkey now  where youth grows pale  and

spectre thin  and dies  where beauty cannot keep    These

light winged dryads  of East London


Ode to Nithingale




jihad girls






Come home. We miss you. We can’t stop crying.

Abase Hussen 47   father of  Amira  missing since Tuesday



Winter  2015







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