"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



People often forget that  says Justin Bieber

in an age when what it means to be human is

in a state of ill-repute   A horrifying litany of

daily statistics: Sunni ISIS militants  consider

200 million Shiites apostates in need of slaughter

Or North Darfur in October  200 women+daughters

raped in 36 hrs.  Then there is the Democratic Republic

of Congo where 400,000 women were violated in one

year (2006-2007)


A new term has been coined to describe the mayhem in

the Levant: Islamo-facism   And this is just the tip  In Halifax

3 youths enamoured of serial killers+school shooters  plan a

mass-murder on Valentine’s Day   In his treatise on human love

(+Lies)  Clancy Martin  philosopher U of Missouri  notes: A great

deal of how well we love has to do with how well we lie  both to

ourselves  & to each other  


He goes on to argue that a well honed ability to bend the truth is a

necessity   the glue  if you will of human love   An exercise in Hope

versus Honesty   It is also true that the current wave of death-cult

debauchery must be addressed  this slow+casual atrophy of the

human soul no less


Are you brave enough to ask your partner   staring off into space:

What are you thinking?  What creative manipulations   evasions

misrepresentations  lurk in the average human soul?   Think of the

apple   Think of life in our apocalyptic-eden  We higher beings have

perfected damnation    We are not animals      We are Man







Winter  2015

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