"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Need I say more?  William James coined the term

multiverse  Likely he needed a parallel reality to

the James house   A mad sister  Father heard voices

William too   Perhaps bi-polar?  or touched by the

Godhead  this revered pioneer of the psyche


Later  much later  physicists hijacked the multiverse

+made it their own    They posit a vast number of

parallel universes  where we live out different versions

of our lives    Every time you reach a crossroads   two

daughter universes arise: 1 in which you turn right  +1

in which you turn left


In each there is a copy of you living the outcome  Thinking

incorrectly that it’s  the only you   It is also true that sometimes

these parallel lives are not out of reach  Sometimes they slam

right into each other   Take the days when deja vu is so strong

you cannot possibly belong  to your own story


When you forget there is a husband #3    & husband #2 looks surprised

all the time  It’s like he never really knew you existed   One day you grow

a strange smell   +laugh like a stranger    When you speak   your language

becomes oblique  Paris France is heard as Aspen Colorado!  Parallel worlds?

Or late middle-age  when you no longer disrobe   in the shower



Our universe is one of potentially numerous slabs floating in a higher

dimensional space, much like a slice of bread within a grander cosmic

loaf.    Brian Greene   Physicist     The Hidden Reality  2011 





Deep Winter  2015

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