"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



It’s so nice to escape news of Jihad  You drive out of your city on 2 lane hi-ways

Snow covered trees  creep over limestone escarpments   toward Stone City

Confluence of St. Lawrence  +Rideau Canal  Say good-bye to Lake O  frozen now

with huts (not fever huts of dying Irish)  fishing+skating  pink twilight  on horizon



ISIS now a world away? Except for giant screen tv in soul-less hotel (with best 

restaurant in Stone City!)   tv flickers green   Too late  jihad enters refreshed psyche

Kenji Goto’s mother shredded   His brother may never fully recover from seeing the

decapitation  Orange jumpsuit in desert execution    a jarring re-entry  to reality


Flip off tv  turn to pg. 2 local rag   Whitney’s daughter Bobbi K.  21  unconscious in

a tub  Still uncertain if she will make it   Lost her mother in tub  at 45   On the way

home  the hills+fields+trees  don’t look as free  not as pristine   as you drag Bobbi

Kristina  +Kenji Goto back to the city    It’s February 1st   & tomorrow is the Wiccan

Imbolc  a hope filled ray in this dirge     When all the seeds begin to stir



imbolc flowers




Persephone Under 20 centimeters     Spring Rising  2015

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