"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

if you think i’m crazy you should meet my sister

what ever happened to baby Jane?  sitting in my finery

in the park   in deep thought  go ahead  take a shot

which one is  she   Baby Jane or sister Blanche?


she  likes the company of gentlemen  beautiful+succubus

goddess of homefires  +the mystery   the mystery that is

Shomedy   a haven for druggies


+middle class families  in the 50’s  drugs of choice  valley

of the dolls  redux   xanax valium  +benzo   all chanel+kenzo

my aunt lived there   gave me my first Barbie


a deadringer for her   except for the lonnnng legs+tinywaist

no  not those  it was the redmouthed longing  to not be plastic

to not be bound  in a striped maillot for eternity


these reminded me   of Shirley

(whose husband invented the bikini..)

but auntie  is not the goddess to whom i refer

go ahead   infer


so  which one is  she   Baby Jane or Blanche?

What’s the difference?  as Tom Petty quipped

pre kissing the sky



Spring 2022








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