"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


i don’t know about u  but the longterm care home

i visit  is bleak  33 yrs ago  i regularly jousted  with

my dying father’s ginger doctor  who speaks in rabbi



about the 30+ pills  father was on  to keep him alive:

Aprill  i want him to die  in perfect condition.. and

when can we meet for a drink?




at what point does the dance macabre  become the

new normal?  housing life’s vets in residences   full +



cloaked in language  goldenyear+obfuscation:  here

we have the non-weightbearing shower  this as my

old brother and i  crept away


then there was the time we were escorted into a room

with fresh catshit on the floor  room rankstank   + a man

who frequented the Yorkville folk scene  wandered the

halls  in a  Peter Paul +Mary  onesie


with any luck in 20 yrs  i will be on the underside  of the

grass  or better still  on the otherside of the world  on a

hog    oink oink    i can barely drive a car



Spring 2022

(did not fade away…or die.. before they got old..)

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