"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

dr. frankenstein i presume?

there will be warehouses for everyone   over 80

where u will be kept alive  all frankenstein+dulleyed

pill dispensers will dispense  pill dispensers  the new

power mongrels


pills pink yellow blue  some cut in 2   what if we

treated death  like the final exalted act  it clearly is

perhaps the pill dispensers have disabled our soulholes?


or the hefty books of religion have numbed us to a pulpy

mess?    be bold    +cut the backs of every blisterpack

fill the graves with candycoloured opiates


the dead don’t need them


they’ve escaped !  up there somewheres  smoking

drinking  fucking  +cavorting with communists   but

mostly laughing   at us


we who write  Do Not Resuscitate  on their files  force

feed the feeble  bloodthinners  rhythmadjusters  +filthy



causing urine

to flow freely

in hallways

where angels

fear to tread


..that was the end..everybody walked away from our

species’ least favourite activity – and he was left behind..

..they had found their rhythm archaic ritual old

fashioned workmen feeding a furnace with fuel.. stop 

burying my father’s face! ..but they couldn’t stop and

they wouldn’t stop..

(Philip Roth  Everyman  2006  *read at yer own risk) 


Summer 2022     ..summer of ghouls..

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