"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the oracle of ape

i have grown fond of telling people they will die

at 8 yrs. Jacques Cousteau Peckãr  oracled my death

as well as the deaths of everyone i knew  +would know


the Oracle of Jacques:

(while pointing at my little bros+i 😱

in a Montreal singsong)’re gonna die

and you’re gonna die

and you’re gonna die

we’re all gonna die


there were repercussions   oh yes there were

a lifetime of Schopenhauerian dementing  +

hollow eyes   (friends were few)


at Delphi  the Oracle was said to be stoned on

gasses  emanating from the bowels of inner earth

while i

have just

been stoned


deaf to protestations  + all prostrations  of the simple

kindly folk   who remonstrate +joke  oh ape lighten up

to them i say:   a monkeypox on u all


..concerned that i will forget who the enemy is

..concerned that there will be nothing to drink in hell

..concerned about dying but not about death

..i am exactly what i am supposed to be

(Charles Bukowski  The Damnation of Buk 1992)



Spring 2022 dammit! live! ..




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