"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

something is stinkfoot

is meditation practising for death?  if yes

where do u go in those transcendent seconds?

u know  when the pause button is hit  on the



(there’s a mouthful)


but seriously  those seconds spent suspended  +drool

present but absent   absent-trajectory  dark side of the moon?

Oz?  where yet another snakeoil saviour awaits the escaping



a technicolour place  where 18 yr. olds  kill  6 yr. olds  for kicks

no wait  that’s here  so where is there?  overtherainbow nirvanablues

for yous little manimals    preening+licking   freshly vaxxed wounds


this morning i woke up

but the bed was EMPTY

has that ever happened to u?




Spring 2022  ..time to rise the fuckup America..

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