"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

death to pigs


he lay pavement pressed into face  +stigmata   after a

short cop  with a mushroom-cut  +hitler youth swagger

bulldozed him to the ground


this in leafy downtown hipsterparadise   gentrification on

steroids  skunkpot wafting  scooters scurrying  sidewalkshit

from de rigueur purebreds   EVERYWHERE


another shortcop  this one a woman  assists in the degradation

of a clearly delusional (psychotic?) young jesus   long  jesus was

a jesus freak  hair   raising his hand à la moses  parting the red sea

(to mix abrahamic metaphors)


except he  was trying to cross the street  my now dead bubbie used

this technique  with my hand in her iron grip  when i was 3   earlier he’d

stopped a TTC trolley  +now the policemobile from hell


i thought they were given

sensitivity training

after killing Sammy Yatin

on Dundas St.  ??


now bruised+bleeding  our jesus lay  flayed +screaming  did u drug me?

did u drug me?   three of us stood  all impotent  + fashionista   police

threatening      if u don’t shut up we’ll arrest u too


18 yr old girl beside me  called one shortstubby  a bitch  while man

with fancydog  shouted  Toronto’s finest!    it all felt Nazi  + oh so



except that Canada is now a haven  for white supremacy  with one

of the fastest rising records of hate crimes  against Jewry   in the world

yet  it was when our  foaming at the mouth  Aryan cop said:


women to the right

men to the left


I knew we weren’t in Kansas


..lest we forget  Canada turned away the  MS St. Louis  filled with

hundreds of Jewish refugees, sent back to die in various ovens..



Fall 2022  ..RISE..

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One thought on “death to pigs

  1. Powerful poem dear

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