"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

..and tommy doesn’t know what day it is..


my meditation guru always talks about  arriving here

in the body  in the moment  in this present world   NOT

head-up-ass   autopilot +robot


as a therapist to tortured children  i must ask u Jeff Guru:

don’t defences + dissociation serve an important purpose

for humans pushed beyond the limits of  trauma+suffering?


for the child to leave his invaded body  during the invasion

is a good thing  no?  clearly difficulty arises  when after wiring

this coping mechanism into the brain


u don’t feel much  anymore   if at all



zombies walk the earth   so Jeff Guru  u do not contain  the

multitudes  now do u?   for the less life trampled  coming into

the lush moments of life more fully  is transcendent


the sights  smells  sounds  of my  ancient mother’s covid wasting  are not

say  YES   to your inner zombie


being more present   means being in trauma  being in beauty  being in

the horror   for the transcendent few


fully alive

ears pricked

heart open

wonder+gratitude  are the path out   *if the Minotaur doesn’t get u first


but oh the temptation of a shocking pink pair of shoes  the 10,000

things  pulling u back to   fight flight freeze   the high trapeze  of life

in the bigs


where all u really have to do  is breathe  +chew gum  at the same time

u can do it clothed apes   yes u can!



Fall 2022  ..pandemic ?  what pandemic ?

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