"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

quantum teleportation is your friend

3 scientists of quantum physics have decoded  entanglement theory

for this they won the Nobel prize  ie., explaining the entanglement of

me  +my dead peops


this week  we had a major sighting of brother #1  dead 4 long yrs

2.5  pandemic ridden   there he was in a   FLASH💥  of light  beside

my GIANT  Frida Kahlo tome    his final home  Mexico!


i’d been ruminating on his chiseled face  in a photo  circa 1968

football eyes  squarejaw  +indomitable   until he wasn’t   at this

very moment  there was a   teleporting  happening across the way


at brother #2’s condo  where a heavy piece of art  began to sway

on its chain  repetitively   the universe yanking our chains?   or

should we be sharing the Nobel’s  $1.2 million prize?


for here was quantum teleporting  writ large   as my brother  + i

welcomed our bloodghost  with a frothy Ghost Rider toast  to a man

holy conundrum +imp   wandering star   still talking a mile a minute


Fall 2022  ..long may u ride Martino..

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