"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today a tiny dog   with

beady eyes    gave me an

uncanny stare   Stopped     dead

in it’s tracks  & for 63 seconds

positively identified me as

someone needing care?


What was that? I said to the

owner   He likes to make sure

we’re all okay   I have read that

certain dogs can smell  the onset

of seizures   same for cancer


So was this odd little   trolldog

sensing something sinister?

It seems that dogs and young

children respond to me as kindred

& it did feel as though Pip read my   Apocalyptic  mind


He  seemed to know  that ghosts &

angels have appeared with regularity

also the   dead    as doppelganger

Or was he simply sensing that my

theme song is no longer relevant?         Can I get a re-write     Justin Bieber?



Late Summer  2013

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