"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



She has dead eyes and so does    her son

What is this phenomenon?   Is it a sign of

the times?     Modern citydwellers    in a

permanent  state of  OFF      Too many

bizarre crimes   terrorism   hedonism    materialism    =   death of 21C soul?


Maybe it is not so simple   At what moment

did their eyes die?   We must re-trace our steps

adjust our blankets   the  night sea journey  crouches      in nearby bushes


In China seniors wait in death houses   while in Toronto

it is dangerous for 110 lb. young men  to have their    1st psychotic episode

on a city bus   Please Exercise Caution  when you

walk out your door   our police force is      armed & dangerous



*(even if they kill you with 10 bullets   you may still be tasered     just incase)


Late Summer  2013

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