"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

did u ever have a sister?


losing a sibling versus losing a parent

we must be programmed  to lose our parents

as a biological imperative that is


think about it


we spend our entire lives trying to break away

from   our giants   as my child clients  called



it is in  those first moments  when u realize u can

control your hands  that you slap them away  or beat

them back   or hack off a hand    to be free


hey people  i can do it myself  +put a lock on the bathroom door   fer chrissakes!


but siblings  they’re an entirely different story  sewn

into the fabric of your DNA   your cellmates  (one bro

mournful+captive  peering out behind bars of his crib)

poor caged little minkey


u cannot surgically remove them  like a bladder   it’s u+them

against  the giants   sink or swim   littermates are tattooed

no matter what  they do     to u



..did you ever have a sister?  did you?

no but they’re all bitches..

(William Faulkner  The Sound+The Fury  1929)


Summer  2020


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