"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

o those bewitching bubbles

bubbles are a concept by which we measure our pain  safety

do bubbles really mitigate COVID 19?  probably not  yesterday

our 96 yr. old mother  in seclusion as a child  when fevers raged

clothes burned  +lonedoll immolated   let out of covidprison

for the day


recoiled from our touch  a touch deprivation of 5 months  leads

to  anomie  robotism  heartfissure-itis  we tried to convince her

masked  distanced  hollowed out   with a likely delirium  around

our edges


trust us!

we’re your covidteam! 🦇


mother wary  +ninety-six wise  looked askance  using words like

mishigah   when inspecting poet’s  covidombre   but it was my

declaration of a new found vegetarianism  that pushed her over

the ledge


she of meat + potatoes   players for 30 years   exercise   meh

the last one standing in her circle   +we of the imaginary  safetybubbles

huddle   succubus+beguiled   hey kids  bubbles can kill u!  then yer dead!




Summer of Glove  Summer of CovidLove  ☀️ ☠️☀️

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