"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the men of the covidsnitch line

the 1st person told me to call the 2nd

who suggested the 3rd  who said call

numero 4  who suggested 5+6   6 said 7

7 said 8   +8 said call #1  !!


existentialmasturbation  looking for mr. kafkabar


i hung up +vowed not to call 1  even if the

last man standing   mind u he was interested

in what kind of scotch i drink   and so begins

my covidtrajectory  into the vaunted halls of  service ontario


he sent me a selfie too  of his privates  which

look a lot like tom berenger’s   now covidderanged   i wait





Summer 2020  ☠️🦇☀️



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