"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

them doggone days


my father was gorgeous  no  he really was

all girls think this  electra obviously did  +lisa too

lisa who?




ok  u name a few


lee had me on a horse at 3  way before a bike  +he

trained me to deliver 26 puppies on a freezing

balcony  in we the north   in case he wasn’t home

and he wasn’t    home


put your fingers down their throats+pull the mucous sac out


that’s disgusting!  no way

do it   or they die



now wet+frozen  i the chosen  one  hear them drop  from dilly

with a thwaak  onto icy planks  of the balcony  a rotting/swaying

harbinger  of family decay     west facing


go west!  young poodlecatcher  be fearless!  midwife your escape  *(still in progress)

greatest little filly of them all   he wrote   in grade 6  autograph book

aug 16  1968     and lee died  21 years to the day


so where was mother while 2 dozen puppies were writhing?

cleaning afterbirth  where else?   bloodmottled blue carpet   smiling

watching me  on the balcony   whispering


i wanna be u

i wanna be u


i wanna be  somebody





Summer 2020 🦇🦇☀️☀️


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