"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The video has gone viral   responses like: HERO!

Red waves   Crimson tides  abound   Some worried

that: dizzy bleeding disoriented women in pools  might

lead to infertility issues for male athletes (!)  


Some tweets lauded Jews for segregating women+men

during prayer  without understanding the underpinnings

The real reason for this separation is so that men+women

will not be distracted  thereby ignoring the Godhead  trading

the sacred  for the profane


Separations of men+women have been undertaken as well for

the purposes of gassing in WWII   Ditto the burnings at Salem

circa 1692   The young woman in question at the Rio games was

beside the pool  writhing in pain   She was from the Chinese

contingent  +rose to glory in a country with 1 child policy   Where

girl babies were known to be drowned like kittens  +left by the

roadside  in droves


Now think of the lowly worm  so advanced that it possesses both male

+female reproductive organs   A perfect duality  slithering on its belly

While the glorious biped ape continues to wreak havoc  +cannot even

decide who should use which bathroom  without an act of state


Yes I present you with the glorious worm   King of putrefaction  especially

of cheese  +bread   making no distinction between man+woman


(August 18, 2016)


One-child policy has also led to Missing Women, or the 100 million girls

missing from the populations of China (and other developing countries) as a result 

of female infanticide, abandonment, and neglect.

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