"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Charlie Mason is 82!  Can you imagine him

an old stooped man?  Those blazing eyes  Was

that a swastika carved inbetween?  Seems so

if memory serves  but that was a lifetime ago

Headlines gruesome   DEATH TO PIGS

scrawled on wall  in Sharon+unborn baby’s blood

Is this what warped Polanski  or is this a chicken

+egg question?


Charlie rotting in Corcoran State Prison  has been

in hospital for undisclosed treatment  Cancer?  Aids?

Was he insane  or just a mid-century hater?  Charismatic

+blood lusting  run of the mill messianic power over drifter

girls   One with my last name


I certainly fell for a sociopath or 2   one from a town in Poland

But how could Sadie be duped by Charlie  a blossoming psychopath?

Certainly my childlike naiveté paved the way for trust  later in the

trenches of humanity   30yrs. of sandbox play  Confessional of frailty

+depravity  of children’s waking dreams


She lay in the sandbox   Stained tabernacle   10yrs.old

She said: Now  you  rape me  therapist   My father had

no problems  Don’t tell me he was sick!  He knew what he

wanted    There was nothing wrong with him


Therapist’s epiphanic reflection: 

So he was selfish+cruel+didn’t care about you  

Unsought for  Undeserved

Fuck yes!  said wisechild with Tourette’s


In these first days of 2017 let us continue to speak of

madness unleashed  On Saturday at Fort York  2 beehives

sliced open  leaving bees in cold to freeze  But this poem

is not relentlessly bleak   The truth may often be where havoc

has been wreaked  In savaged girl who at her core a gentleness

was sheltered


There too  a dusty hope  for a fresh start  in small town Ontario

where mother had been transferred    This  un-poisoning the world’s

Soul   And  3 of the bees  reportedly thawed  will repopulate the hives

come Spring!


This new man will hardly know the hour of his turning nor the source

of it. Yet he will have in his possession that elusive freedom which men

seek with unending desperation. (Cormac McCarthy  The Crossing  1994)





12th Night/Epiphany  2017   BELIEVE


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