"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

NUMB (first poem 2017)


Who isn’t lost  at least some of the time?

Canadians report a sense of ennui  68.2%

of the time  America disqualified  89.7% of

populace doesn’t know the meaning of: ennui

Though they will be  perma-lost  post January

twentieth twenty seventeen


Did you know that the poorest Americans will

lose medical benefits  +the right to safe abortion

when orange hitler defunds PLANNED PARENTHOOD?

And that all of the BLACKLUNG widows in Appalachia

threaten to vote Dem. in the next election?  He’s fired!


But first 4 years of undoing every civil rights gain of the

last 100 yrs. in the first 100 days  (I begged them to give

Bernie a makeover/at very least a facial)  All for naught


In 2017 I vow to find myself

To stop writing about DJT?

And to light out for territories unfound


After cancer

After 60 arrives

After impeachment

Won’t wait for River Styx to freeze over




It is weirdly comforting to discover that  

Leonard Cohen  was often just as profoundly

lost as the rest of us.  

Globe&Mail  January 6, 2017



January 2017   First Poem

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