"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



There is a giant crack when scapula rotated

Heard beyond the membranes separating

poet from world at large  Permeable membranes

Too diffuse for words  which escape into the

atmosphere  where judges judge +do not send

grant money


These poems  these words  trouble   +have caused

jurors  tingling in hands+feet   vertigo +diarrhea   Today

words chronicle the fall of Aleppo: a meltdown of humanity

Not enough sunshine for the many  No canned laughter with

this poetry


Aleppo   Giant gutted Gehry   Twisted tatters of buildings splayed

Gaping holes in concrete   Skin of civilians  flayed   Al Assad friend

of Russia +Iran   by proxy Trumpnation?  Sent troops into homes

killing women+children willy nilly


Canada trying to mobilize UN General assembly to: Take action

on Syria   This as new PM shamelessly panders to wealthy Maoists

in mansions across the land   Words fail to bring grant $  +uplift

the lumpen proletariat  So long in breadlines +fodder for tanks  they’re

voting for snake oil  neo-right


Now resurrecting words like: Umvolkung (ethnic conversion)  Volkisch

(racially pure state)  +concentration camp   Soon  kike    In the 21st C

no one gives a damn about the Nazi era   The future belongs to patriots

Many Germans simply fear that by 2040, Germany will be like a Third

World country which doesn’t consist mostly of white people –

(Ronal Glaser  Berlin based politician)


Baby I’ve been down, but never this down

I’ve been lost, but never this lost.

Bruce Springsteen




(December 14, 2016)


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