"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



little dwarf trees all around me  window seat on

parking lot  paved paradise put up a tree mausoleum

all dead soon  needles in your house until the 2nd coming

when the mob will be chill  bathe his feet  bloodlust+hate

have had their day?


my christmas cards are half: BELIEVE  + half: JOY    I’m

giving the Believes to those who already do  +the Joys to those

who are to joyous  to believe   across europe+in dingy ballrooms

in donald’s amerika  heil  is the new raised fist  why must it always

come to this?


too much liberal democracy  pendulum castrated mid-swing  donald

weeps for swing state recounts   billionaires everywhere gnash gold

teeth   in new world order fatted calf messiah dances at pink trump

hotels +local hot spots


(December 8, 2016)


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