"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I saw a giant black truck  A monster truck  plough into

a christmas crowd  Full tilt  Santa impaled on a steel pole

gingerbread debris    Annus Horribilis 2016


If we could live it backward  +have all the firsts to wait for

the firsts would be last  +the last would be birth  A death of

a different sort   It’s like the films that really reach into the

human experience  lay it bare   Show us what we always knew

was  out there


Like the aliens who land  +suck us into their tubers

Like the cancer  the one your great grandmother flew

to the Mayo for


Living it backward would turn mortality on its head    Show

us how in spirit form we don’t need these radiated bodies

anymore   Remember  pre-birth   you swam!   Non-weight

bearing shower room to your right  said the nice lady at the

retirement home


Annus 2016  I saw a reality tv star voted president of the world

that thinks it’s free   Tell me  over+over again my friend we’re on

the eve of destruction  Or are we?  Living it backward would bring

us to the mother of all re-births  No?


Back to a time when we worshipped Earth  round+fecund   When we

knelt before rotund thigh+belly    When Venus of Willendorf was a

supermodel  28,000 BCE      Hey a girl can dream


Don’t be afraid

Fuck the cancer

Take no prisoners

Bring on 2017








Winter Solstice 2016




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