"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



It happened again on Instagram   Someone asked

to  lick me  within seconds of signing up to post

photos of rude citydwellers   Later on  almost knocked

over by fragrant girl with greasy hair on my way to

singular boutique where bespectacled clerk told me:

the shirts don’t really fit me here because of my big

butt   (seriously!)


Even a poet of my wordrenown cannot make this shit

up    I inched closer  sidelong glances   Obtuse young man

trying to seduce me?   Later we joked over macarons +latte

and he proceeded to tell me that he prefers real redheads  for

reasons unbeknownst to me


I do tend toward naiveté   Fodder for charlatans with

affectations   Pronouncing words like Nicaragua as:

Nicarrrragua   + arsehole with a slight lilt to the e’s

Later though at the Four Seasons  our clerk left in a hurry

Shirttails flapping in the late November breeze


Curated tryst gone terribly wrong   My hair: Clairol Crimson

smudging the damp sheets  as chandelier began to quiver







Winter  2016






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