"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Especially these days when soon to be Prez

D.J. Trump  embodies the worst of the national

character in a country founded on slave labour

+stolen land   Where white mobs lynched blacks

for entertainment  as white parents taught their kids

to cheer  (ditto Nazis)


In our own country  also founded on stolen land  +

degradation of First Nations  the military has finally

admitted a link between combat+suicide  High time

And with all of the skyrocketing hate in the world

it seems Halloween may need to be cancelled


Where once we avidly donned costumes from every

culture +creed  playfully walking the streets in safe

en masse revelry  today the extremists of the PC police

have decreed that such costumes are: racist  exploitative

+vile acts of appropriation


Brothers + Sisters!  Why are we fighting? shouted Lennon

His pulpit bloodstained  Bullets are equal opportunity  Rip

through flesh of peaceniks too


I point you in another direction  that of Lucy  whose skull+

bones were found 4 decades ago today   Lucy  ancestor of the

genus  Homo  named for her compatriot   The one in the sky

with diamonds   This skull buried in sediment 3.2 billion yrs.

ago  bore the hominin imprint  Our skulls the great equalizer


As an art form nothing superior  +enitrley PC!   To the untrained

eye no signs of: race  gender  sexual orientation  political affiliation

or religion  A clean slate  A sacred object that celebrates our oneness

Did we not walk out of the same place? Develop from the same oceanic



Was it not a more sophisticated hominoid who filled ships with chained

cargo thousands deep  laying in their own feces?  Built ovens diabolical

Spewed Jews across Europe  Or did the wise apes regress?  Beginning in

a lofty place on the savannah  hunting+gathering  through numberless

genocides  to a place in 2016  where a harmless evening of costume+candy

becomes the emblem of internecine hate


Perhaps we have given away our power to artificial intelligence  because we

are tired of the responsibilities that come with being  rulers  of the food chain

We’re bleary eyed from war yet hungry for more   Our Gods ravaged +bleeding

on crosses  +bayoneted beyond recognition in war theatres where: To be  or not to be?

is the question asked by 34 out of every 100,00 soldiers who suicides successfully




Fall 2016

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