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Even the anarchist Emma Goldman repeatedly arrested

+deported  cited the: generous heart of America   And

knew that the beacon for  the wretched refuse of the teeming

shores  of the earth   America   gave the huddled masses 

the golden door of immigration


Yesterday the  banality of evil  broke free once more  Unseen

in such healthy doses since being coined at the Eichmann trial

in 1962  Rampaging through airports across the globe  as the

hater with yellow hair  pounded his Tarzan chest  Yes  king of the

neo-jungle  where white haired grandparents give him an A+ for

his 1st week’s performance as liar in chief


Echoing the average citizens who at first simply attended to the

menial labours of the Reich   Yesterday families were torn apart

None is too many  is too many  once more   Alternative fact: this

is not a Muslim ban   Fact: Christians will be let in


Making America safe again  involves  making America hate again

+ in giving ISIS fuel for butchering  bombing  +beheading  with

impunity   Has chief devil worshipper Bannon  of the shaggy hair

+hangdog smile  never heard of homegrown terrorism?   Fact:

All Jews will wear the yellow star of David  on front+back  the better

to hit the target  coming +going


The Truth:

No person accepted into the U.S. as a refugee, Syrian or otherwise,

has been implicated in a major fatal terrorist attack in the U.S. since

the Refugee Act of 1980. Prior to this 3 Cuban refugees carried out 

attacks killing 3 people. Perpetrators of major terror attacks have been

mostly U.S.born citizens or permanent legal residents from countries

not included in the ban.



Winter 2017    …Repetition Compulsion….The Old Colossus

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  1. grafikmilk on said:

    great. well said !

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