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Mary died today  Tyler Moore   Remember her

throwing her pink hat into the air?  Did she turn

the world on with her smile?   Far too wholesome

+toothsome  even for then   You wanted to see her

a little messed up  neat skirt askew  after a few  too many


It was 1977  but felt more Laura Petrie repressed  than the

vanguard of Women’s Lib.   She seemed virginal in those

Audrey-esque suits  with small pointy breasts   Perhaps even

an Electra complex simmering underneath  for Ed    Gruff

father figure  sleeves rolled up   Perhaps even a seduction on

his desk?


Mary’s own father died of cancer in 92  after an unsuccessful

suicide attempt assisted by Mary   Her only child Richard died

when a gun went off in his hands  at 24   There were stints too at

the Betty Ford   Real life savaged the ingenue   Dark eyed + lush

lipped   Demons flattened themselves against lithe frame   Ed now

plays a psychoanalyst on TV    Doesn’t look like Ed  anymore


When our TV stars start dying  we lose the demi-gods whose

visitations in our living rooms  where our parents rested middle

aged bodies  were the glory days    When we really had it made –


Your choice   you can cling to your past  or to your future



*(creepy orange DJT  signed an executive order to have Mary

buried in the White House rose garden) 





Winter  2017    RIP Mary Tyler Moore  1936-2017

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One thought on “MARY

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Is there any room for Mary in the Rose Garden? Trump’s already buried the truth, decency and tolerance there.

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