"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

great escape my asssss!


i tried

i really did


went oceanscape  +shitscared?

not really  i just left it  too late


to leave my



+undertaker (a ghoulish phoney)


the sailors teared up when i left

and the whales sound out my name

to this day


they  my new family  giantmammalian  +reeking

blubbery mobys  farewell !


recently my boisterous doc  snide (but not whiplash)

said:  there are a lot worse tests than the one i have

ordered  for u


i’ve had a few

my bros too


one  took too many benzos  pre-insertion

and bludgeoned the too happy crossing guard

at Queen+Shaw  to death


(somewhat thankfully)




O the mammalian ludicrosities!

William Faulkner  As I Lay Dying 1930



Spring 2022  ..finally over Mick..

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