"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

blacksonavitch blues


he was black

with a jew fro


he was the black dog

of jews  in the ghetto


someone told me recently

you can’t use that word   all pc  +idiocy


just watch me


a friend’s parents fought Germans at Warsaw

another’s screamed in the suburban night  nightly


and i can’t say  ghetto!


back to blacksonavitch  regal  27 inches at the withers

black eyes + pawnails   not standard issue   he was



humanpoodle  rode a toboggan   hide+seek  a fave

except we always knew where to find him  same closet

where love letters hidden  +found


blacksonavitch  why is she having an affair with our

greasy elvis doctor?  blankstare  +sphinx  tiny smile


c’mon child  you’ve seen enough for one day  lets play!


the game:  here lies blacksonovitch  covered in small bro’s

vomitous blanket   he was a fine man   the real dogfuneral

10 yrs later


the stain of his body burned into cork floor   dogtattoo

he visits still   cut to scene in heaven  blacksonovitch  (verst in yiddish)

+ father   driving around in a green impala  circa 1972




Spring 2022 the summer of 1942.. 300,000 Jews deported

from Warsaw to Treblinka.. on April 19/43  the

Ghetto uprising ended May 16/43

56,000 Jews captured

7,000 shot

remainder to death camps


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