"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

they who taught me to wordle

Jason & Kelly  my bro and sister

are riddled


too many discos

and rub n’ tugs




no  just minding their own business

perhaps one in-door unmasked dinner

too many?


no   truth is we are all about to dance with

the coviddevil   unseemly +mucous   yes

you + me


so how do we  move forward?  masked  +spittleweary

marching to a different future  the one we  never

imagined   in wildwet dreams


hands up if u think  had u known this was coming

u would have smoked one more cig?   run off with

chauncey the gardener?


i mean would it have killed u to throw caution to

the wind?  this won’t kill u either  now that there

is more Pfizer in your veins   than life itself




Spring 2022 ..let my people go..


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