"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


watching a play about the Russian revolution

in a 5 layer non-woven   black iron mask

hyperventilation   +saliva-death


mouth gobidesert-esq   not pretty   a woman

in the next seat  having a medical event  dinner

first     1 decrepit family     over there


looked very Russian prole   life imitates  art

that cannot match the deathknell  for oldendays



before all of the 10,000 things were lined up

in front of proteinspikes  in the billions  good-bye

old life    🔅🔅🔅


hello  pretending to enjoy all of the pleasureless

pleasures  remember when we sat so close together

b.o. might catalyze the gag reflex?




once at a Lou Reed concert  (all old jew +shuffleboard)

a man in front of us stank so bad   my nose

remains wary



Spring 2022 ..with millions of vaccines soon to expire

scale of loss is shrouded in secrecy..

(Toronto Star April 17/22)

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