"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

happiness is a ladies gun mama

i was given a gift for my 65th  a purse

all skeletal +hidden gun compartment

a brother drove deep into Texas  to

bring it home


he stopped in Marfa  +fell in love  we

haven’t seen him in a dog’s-age   she’s

the sheriff   former stripper  loves her mama

(crazy ’bout elvis)


the purse he shipped came with a ladies

Colt 45  a dangerous gift for me  all covidragey

tensions building  daily


yesterday my too chatty coffeeshop man asked:

are u always grumpy?


i can tell by your eyes


and he’s never seen my eyes!  cloaked

+Steve McQueen   most days

KAPOW!  coffeeman

KAPOW!  singing crossing guard lady


stand too close to me   c’mon   in childhood

father called me  Annie Oakley  he too had


__ will kill ya..then yer dead..

(Warren Zevon)



Spring 2022 more sleep to CPP..

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