"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

tick talk tick talk

one of these days her old ticker  will tock talk

i’m outta here




hasta la vista baby!


captain hook was followed by a gator  who

swallowed a clock  tick tock tick tock  same one

who chomped off his  handmorsel




the big clock in the sky is ticking  her name

how many more birthdays do i have?  she said

and   be strong when i’m gone


a woman on the move   soon the hawks will

return  the same ones who carried a son away

Mrs. A. we’re here!    u all packed?


u won’t need much suits  hiking boots   de rigueur

oh and a sword  to cut the chord  of this mortalcoil

the one that’s held u fast for the past century


roaring 20’s

2 world wars

women’s lib  (u missed that memo)

100 years during which

they did not find a cure

for cancer

(that memo arrived)



..long may u fly..



Spring 2022 .. gator’s got yer granny ..


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