"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

middleclass repo


the girls of the manor  were not manorborn

but highly aspirational  homes schlocky+borcsht

minuscule chandelier hell


mothers in skintight froufrou kitten-heeled hos

serving dainties  rude gossip  but not us   NO!

we were middleclass repo


always intense  slimtrim goddessy mother  linebacker father

in cashmeretweed  corduroy fedora   but mostly

windshell  +Landry


horses football dogs bros  the fatted fillies in frills

gnarly with envy  trust me   if you’re smart  bookish

coltish  +sassy  there are many things u will never be


the main one clearly:  a next-gen borscht slinger

indentured to a rotund man who doesn’t read



Winter 2022  for L.A.  ..A MAN..

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