"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the dead would take the living with them if they could

they do  of course  for the rest of our lives up here

they walk with us  dreamed+undreamed  sometimes

in a wristwatch  in a lightflicker  a shadowman in a chair


(but didn’t i just leave you in a hospital bed??)


up here we live out our days

inglorious bastards   primed

for more   until none


but before that we go through motions  every goddamned

March  it snows again  blows  we walk quickly  windbent  bitter

we change clocks as though we own time     don’t we??


kidnap the minutes u lost  when your brother spoke   but u

couldn’t listen to another  lunch   6 dollars!  6 dollars!

he smiles   knowingly   imp+okay


we were working on the art of conversation  just before  he

went away:   ok Mart  now it’s my turn to say    now u ask a

question   pretend interest    now it’s your turn  +suchwise


6 dollars!  6 dollars!

10 tacos  beans+rice

the whole enchilada

6 dollars ape!


enough said


Winter 2022  ..spring come she will?..

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