"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

nowhere to run nowhere to hide

are u old enough to remember  in hallways crouching?

sirens wailing  bombdrills circa 1965    banthebomb

they didn’t let us use our survival instincts  (duh)


hide under my desk    yes!

good girl  quick as a mouse

like the one u spied at Eaton’s

by your beautiful mother’s shoe  sniffing nibbling




are u old enough to remember children  into closets  shoved

minutes to spare   knock at the door  we’ll be back  soon 

cheese wrapped in cellophane   mousetraps bare


4 yrs later  bones  +a stench  parents detained at Auschwitz

yesterday an 11 yr old boy with a sign  on a train:  my mother

couldn’t come   please take me  


what does standing in solidarity mean?  what if everyone in the

WORLD  had donned the yellow star?  presidents  popes queens?

what if we all shout the word  GAY  (banned in Florida yesterday)

from megaphones?


if not now when?

how many bombings

of children’s cancerwards

can old joe biden take?


(are tanks not weapons of mass destruction??!)

Winter 2022  ..there is everything to fear ..even fear itself..

*today is the anniversary of LBJ’S ok to Napalm ..the horror the horror..

one of the most horrific military inventions in history ..

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