"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

where’s yer moses now*

there would appear to be

a dearth of saviours


how is it that tanks are racing toward the capitol

of a European city  as 700,000 people flee  to

Poland +beyond   we don’t see  any yellow stars   yet


what we are used to seeing:

“black brown yellow orange red”

dying  +shred

bombs  landmines  lines of said refugees


but here they look like  white  us  in puffer coats from GAP

lining up  crying at railroads  take only what you can carry

in one bag


men to the left  women to the right   all Ukraine men from

18-60   must stay  +fight




more rockets on the way  another mass murderer  short+quite insane

into a bunker soon  where the ghosts of Braun +Adolph  slink   stink


racist colour blocking:

René Lesson in 1847 presented a division into six groups based on simple color adjectives: White (Caucasian), Dusky (Indian), Orange-colored (Malay), Yellow (Mongoloid), Red (Carib and American), Black (Negroid).


Winter 2022

*Dathan  Ten Commandments  Edward G. Robinson

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