"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



We live in a world where teenaged Khloe Kardashian

has 18 million followers  on Twitter   +a new reality tv

show called: Kocktails with Khloe   aka:  I have the

greatest life inanity   Khloe says: Its such an organic fit

its easy for me    She  Goddess of the selfie   aims to outdo

sister’s greased backside +naked greed


In her book Bossypants  Tina Fey notices that nowadays

every girl is expected to have: a California tan   a Jamaican

dance-hall ass   hips of a 9 yr. old boy   the arms of Michelle

Obama   + doll tits


In ancient Greece there were but 4 elements: air  earth  water  

+fire   Simpler times?   Women were both slaves + courtesans

but then men  +children too  suffered enslavement    The Earth

was ruled by a pantheon of Gods  many vengeful   one cute   with

a bow+arrow in tow  On Februrary 14th chocolates+dildos will be

sold in his name


In 2015 we added 4 new elements to the Periodic Table  their names

will give your tongue a workout  pre Valentine’s Day :  ununtrium

ununpentium ununseptium ununoctium  now we have 118    But this

gorgeous complexity of matter has done nothing to stanch the tide of

our bloated mass celebration of self adoration   Minions worship Jobs+



In the USA today  two thirds of all gun deaths are suicides  and the nation

turns its lonely eyes to Sean Penn  Zelig-saviour  here there +everywhere

But is it altruism or narcissism that makes him tick?  And why are so many

Americans looking for the EXIT sign?





Winter 2016


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