"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



In the Man Who Fell To Earth  David Bowie plays

an alien who visits our little green planet 3rd from

the sun   He ends up depressed +cripplingly addicted

to booze + tv   Clearly you don’t have to be an alien to

suffer the dead-eyed malaise of life in the new millenium


At dinner parties everywhere people hunker down +discuss

the ins+outs of Jamie Mackenzie’s rape on Outlander  where

scenes of savage sadism have you running for the booze trolley

at every opportunity


2016 Highball: 

your favourite Opoid

100% Agave Tequila or 18 yr. old Lagavulin

filtered water  + an Epi-pen


It’s time to  face the strange   Last night CNN pre-empted Downton Abbey: 

where the heiress loses her virginity to an Indian man  who proceeds to die

in flagrante delicto   Even the maids snigger as his body is hoisted out of

her bed   Make that 2 Opoids in your Highball  /shaken not stirred


Instead of the sexual exploits  of bloated aristocrats  we listened to Barack’s

State Of The Union  He assured us that: terrorists  making bombs in garages+

apartments are not a threat to the Nation itself  though certainly to civilians

We will root them out  We will get them  Think Osama Bin Laden


So we did   and then headed back to the booze trolley for more  a la Martha+George

Be Afraid    In Barack’s nation  about 20,000 strong end it with a gun  annually

David Bowie now in heaven  knew that:  isolation  abandonment   fear  +anxiety

would catch up with Major Tom  who recently traded his protein pills for Oxycontin





Martha  Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf



Winter 2016  RIP David Bowie








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