"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

uncomfortably numb

i was born too alive     way too

do u even know what this means?

giantitus of the senses   gulping  choking  vomiting   beauty


sweetjesus  that’s bad  save me from  sensory overlord

Fritz Perls   father of  Gestalt Therapy©️  said:  lose your mind  

and come to your senses   u loafers of the soul  


this for the halfalives  semi-brain dead  mindfulness meditators

go suck a blueberry until yer blue in the face  you are a race

frozen to sensation   lust is not yer middle name


woe though  i have recently come to know  how u  don’t  feel

my alive is dead-inside    it’s a long story   but i did hear a retort

as the social worker  brandishing an M16   offered my 100 yr. old    mother



choice suite in palliative

just because she’s pretty


Spring 2021 hurts to be pretty..

a key teaching of F. Atkins circa 1965

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