"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

he shot a man in reno

my child client:

would you still love me if i

murdered someone?


and i would help you

understand why

and try

to make sure it doesn’t  happen again

when you get out of prison


reflecting on the apocrypha  of a life

now lived in  facebookcrevice  where

70 something cretins  wax poetic on:  my bros life


he was the original king kondo  he started a fund for 

shot students after kent state  became the UN raconteur

on mass shootings    all the while impish grin glinting




with a side of selficide


but  the stories still trickle in

i saw him ball 5 chicks   at once  


some liars   too

all glamping in your glory


run with it bro

now sprung from

starfuck prison





Spring 2021  .. for M.A. ..75 in 3 weeks..RIP..


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