"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

frogs boils neighbours locusts

it’s about the frogs  he said  the neighbourboy  written up

in the paper on saturday  now a billionaire developer in bed

with DiNiro  an investor in Canada’s first Nobu  a grifter niece’s

favourite resto


but back to Guillermo   he was dimwitted as a boy  and i could

make him eat dog shit   i didn’t  but i could have  he later lied

on his med school personal statement   +didn’t get in


touting imaginal hardships  like the time our poodle ripped

every hair out of their maid’s head   his mother  a crass jaguar

driving bitch   once pushed me to the ground   hard   i was 5


her moustachioed daughter had followed me down a laneway

to the frog graveyard   frogs decapitated   splattered entrails

surprisingly ungreen


this family watched us eat  through our window  across from their

toilet   where we once heard the father shrieking   as his sphincter

which was quite tight   finally opened


it is doubtful DiNiro

has been apprised

of this



Spring 2021



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