"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Western chocoholic fantasmagoria     Lindt

forever dipped  in endarkenment     Small hands

pressed against glass   The temple of chocolate violated

by self-appointed cleric   Terrorizes coffee-clatch   +the

world  in the name of his God


Must there now be security in  Starbucks  pie shops  malls

FAO Schwartz  Broadway plays  Kindergarden?   76% of U.S.

schools have armed guards at the doors   Yesterday mayhem on

the streets of Sydney  in this the Christmas of terror  The Christmas

of  I can’t breathe   Of  hands up    In this the Christmas of evil in a

chocolate shop


Terror stricken girl  eyes quite dead  holds corner of cleric’s flag

Yesterday a flower  now she cowers  as hater-cleric touches her  &

says: On your knees   Later police storm the place  bring stretchers

out onto street   How many times will this scene repeat  Christmas 2014

declared obsolete


Mr. Abbott  the Australian Prime Minister said:  There are people even

in a society such as ours, who wish to do us harm  It seems that the world

has too many windows  +not enough mirrors    When Medusa sees her

reflection  she turns to stone  We could try this with haters  but bullets will

likely suffice


Today as I sit in frigid cafe  a tall burly man approaches  He is taking off his

belt (WTF?)   I shudder  & wonder about random beheadings  on this dreary

December day   ten before the birthday of the fisherman




Winter  2014

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