"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The man behind me spits out words like: barbaric  apocalypse

bloodbath   Then: what ya gonna do?   Words fail   as he flails

in the morass of language   trying to analyze the day’s events in

Pakistan   In the end he fails miserably


Jittery we sit  not narcotized enough yet to the onslaught of massacre

over the past 48 hrs.  We eye one another suspiciously in this grand

hall at the University  a perfect choice for the terror machine to land

On tv yesterday handsome  ex- CIA said: Citizens must become vigilantes

Learn the correct ways to wield machetes  concealed under skirts   inside

strollers  down your pants


In Peshwar more than 145 dead  mostly children   100+ injured    Taliban

loves late  hates: wonder  miracles  education   Yesterday they stormed a

school with 1,500 students  methodically shooting schoolchildren in the

head  Setting teachers on fire   Have we witnessed such hatred since the

Nazis?  Or are such comparisons odious?   Maybe yes  +maybe no


Amir Ameen 15  recovering in hospital was taking an exam when gunmen

entered the classroom   They shot students one by one  mostly in the head

he said     They shot my teacher +her baby daughter  I am the only survivor

from my class  I played dead when they checked me




end of the world

There is no shortage of precise language to describe these last days in  the year of

our Lord   two thousand +fourteen   World War III is a war without borders   It is

also a war of technology    Just look at what they did   to Sony




Winter Solstice  2014

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