"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Pronounced spanner   Combs the human genome to

seek+sort mutations   Will soon be used to identify

traits that make people  healthier  smarter  happier

But what about  holier than thou   hipper  hotter

The mutation that is 2014’s breakout demographic:

the urban(e) hair covered hipster


Yesterday I overheard one faux bushwhacker waxing

poetic on life after 95: It’s like winter-camping   cold+

dark  +nothing else to do  so you just go to bed   he said

How’s that for plumbing the ungraspable depths of our

mortal dissipation?


In an age when anger is the most popular emotion in Canada

linked to all manner of heart related ailment  acute myocardial

infarction  arrhythmia  +stroke  and the experts say: Identify

Your Trigger Points  & Avoid Them!   Air-rage  road-rage 

sidewalk-rage    +wrap-rage: using an ice pick to open a plastic package


The gentle philosophy of the neo-hippie is a thing of beauty   If all else

fails: tune out  turn off   & calmthefuckdown   Float into oblivion  where

you won’t care that the terrorist in the cave is collecting Air Asia planes

+messing with the worldwideweb   with our heads  +has made Seth Rogen

a household name in a way that Oscar never could


Reminding us that the Great Book was not written with us in mind

So in 2015  I implore you to:  listen for the sound of one leaf falling   of

one hand clapping    +of Judas laughing




Winter 2014




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