"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



(Prince Charming)

In December 1647  Puritans put an end to: drunk excess

papist superstitions  +carnal delights   They banned Xmas

Riots broke out in Canterbury  This year at Christ-tide on the

outskirts of Tijuana  young girls sought sanctuary    At least

20,000 people are trafficked through Mexico yearly   The vast

majority  women+girls


Hilda was 9 when she arrived at The Garden House for victims

of child sex trafficking   Sold by her family   she is now 18  & has

not spoken a single word since arriving   On the night before Xmas

she emerged from a cocoon of silence:  I’m happy  +kind of sad  but

it’s okay now  she said


Mary Ellen Bartleby  California District Attorney  noted:  

With a pound of cocaine, if you sell it, the cupboard is bare.

But with a woman, you can sell her several times a night;  

seven days a week.


If the cave painters were to scratch a portrait of Xmas 2014 onto

the rockface  it would look like:  a genetic mutation  of innocence

a microbial form of hatred seeping into human DNA  for millennnia

And we call them  primitive   


Might it not be time to Rise Up in some small way  against the hypocrisies

of everyday?  You know  like: peace  goodwill  +progress   the ships that

sailed without us    This year China banned Xmas calling it: Ancient Kitsch  

which really is a much more apt description  of China



Pope Francis in his first mass of 2015 said that everyone has a God-given

right to be free  This at a time when 36,000,000 people live as slaves, are 

trafficked into brothels,  forced into manual labour, or are born into bondage.

(Walk Free Foundation  Australia  Global Slavery Index)



Winter 2015


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