"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Her name is Sailor  Her sister was Piper    Sierra

her cousin  a dark crumble under the shade of pines

Sailor walked out of the woods   Sub-zero  one sock

Broken wrist   blood-smeared chin    Father was 48

Mother 46   watching her from River Styx    Kindly man

in woodland house said: I brought her in and washed her face


Courtney Love whose scalpel-face is unrecognizable tells us:

Forget persona  Your mojo is your mojo     Sailor Gutzler

knows a thing or 2 about mojo   Born with a huge dose  propelled

tiny body from upside-down plane into snow covered forest


The newest Boko Haram-boys will need some of her true grit

40 kidnapped on the day the Gutzler plane fell out of a lavender

sky   Why would they covet boys?  With 219 girls still missing  the

question begs an answer    The answer questions our collective grip

on what remains of humanity’s sanity


tiny suicide bombers?

young sex slaves+soldiers?

spectral heroes guiding children out of crashed planes?


Sailor Gutzler was taken by ambulance to Holy Sister’s   They set her wrist

& a family member collected her  as the world woke up to a nascent year on

January 5, 2015




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